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Planning a dream trip
without a travelt agency?

Travelholicsouls will teach you how to do it!


Who needs this blog?

Travelholicsouls is the perfect place for:

? Anyone who has a 9 to 5 job but wants to travel more;

? Who does not want to waste money to agencies;

⏳ Anyone with time and money restrictions

? Who have a high budget but, nevertheless, does not want to waste money on unnecessary expenses;

⛑ Who wants to be prepared to face any type of trip.


What is this blog for?

If you recognize yourself, then perfect, you are one of us ✌?
You will learn with us to:

? Plan your trip alone;

? Save on accommodation, rentals, vehicles …

? Know what documents are needed to leave and how to get them (visas, travel insurance, permits …);

? Communicate in English – even if you don’t speak it !!! -;

? Know the rules and policies of hand baggage for each airline;

? Use all the tricks for payments before, during and after a trip …

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Meet the team


Who are we?


We are Simone and Zineb, a couple who despite the limited time available – stupid modern life made 9 to 5 jobs + overtime – dedicates every free moment to travel!

And it is from this time cut out to everyday life, from sacrifices to take trains and planes, from the desire to discover the world that Travelholicsouls was born, a virtual on-board diary but also a tool that can help you become a travel pro.

We thought that talking about our direct experiences, our knowledge in the travel organization could help you too!

We thought that sharing our secrets could avoid our misadventures, saving you time and money and helping you live the most unforgettable experiences.

S I M O N E 

Nickname | Simo/Rovi
Passions | Tech and travel
Favorite destination | Sudafrica and every place you can go on a safari experience
Favorite city | New York
Best travel experience | Watching a cheetah in a safari trip

Hey hello, I’m the one who actually manages the blog. I’m the exact opposite of Zineb, the rational part.

I am the type of person who fits everywhere: in a crowded New York, with the “fucking tourists” mumbled by angry cyclists, but also in Mainz (Zi’s Erasmus destination), in Edinburgh with the pouring rain but also in Brasov and the Saharan heat … which, however, just can’t stand bad cuisine.

I am that person who by professional inclination -I am an engineer- manages to handle both how to visit a beautiful place in the best way wuthout spending much money (also because who knows when we will come back!) But I don’t mind at all the unexpected if it would make you laugh a lot.


Nickname | I have too many of them but Zi is fine!
Passion | Photography, writing and travel
Favorite destination | Mexico and wherever there is a Cenote
Favorite city | Monk
Best travel experience | Fly by helicopter over the Grand Canyon

I am Zineb and I am the artistic mind between the two of us, the one who allows herself to overdo and move without a minimum of contact with reality.

I am the type of person who wants to go to the beach in winter because the stereotypical idea of ​​books makes it an idyllic place. And after a few days on the beach, she gets bored because she hates to tan if not doing it by walking the streets of a city that in summer becomes yours, abandoned by all its citizens.

I like authentic cities, where people are kind and spend whole minutes explaining where a street or monument is, where, if you say you are a tourist, people look at you with mixed amazement and joy.

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