Travelholicsouls is the result of travel experiences written down; it is a virtual logbook made of summaries, tips, moods, stories, preparations that we thought they could help other people, perhaps avoiding our misadventures or maybe making them relive the most unforgettable experiences. 
It was born in June 2017 with the desire to encourage people to leave and the hope that you’d understand how important it is to leave your comfort zone to grow and become better people. 
Nevertheless, let’s start again … we haven’t been introduced, so rude! 
We are Zineb and Simone, a young couple in love with the world and what it can give. 

Among the world and us, it was love at first sight. 

At the section “Who are we?” you can find a more accurate description of us, where we will tell you more about us and we will reveal dreams and ambitions. 

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We are going to post a photo per day (at least we’ll try) and we are going to tell you the everyday life of our travels through the Instagram stories.


Where you’ll find weekly sections like “in what place I would spend this Monday instead of working” or “fantastic experiences and where to find them”


Where we’ll interact with you, we’ll complaint about things and we’ll go off others, we’ll reflect, we’ll comment sites, shows, travel documentaries… everything in just 140 digits.


Where you’ll find saved and divided by category all our source of inspiration, our travels so much desired and not completed yet, ideas and news all related to travel world.


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