Are you ready to visit Vienna? Are you ready to fall in love with a city where everything is stopped at the time of palace dances, opera shows and gardens – some of the most sumptuous and well-groomed you can find in circulation-?

If yes, you’re in the right place! Here you can find our guide to visit Vienna:

Something that suggests where to eat, where to sleep, what to see but also when to leave, how to get from the airport to the city, which season ticket to save on the entrance of the attractions …

Visiting Vienna in 4 days and falling madly in love with it it’s possible, just follow our advices!


01. When to visit Vienna: here the right period
02. Vienna what to see: top attractions
03. What to do in Vienna: unmissable attractions
04. Where to stay in Vienna: sleep as a king or in the future?
05. What to eat in Vienna and where to eat in Vienna
06. Things to know before-during and after visiting Vienna

When to visit Vienna: the right times to fall in love with it!

It is difficult to think of being able to visit Vienna in a weekend because there are a lot (really a lot) of attractions and activities to do.

The ideal to explore this city would be to have at least 4/5 days available.

Even better if you could have a week, to organize also some day trips, maybe to Salzburg or Bratislava.

In any case, the best period to visit Vienna are undoubtedly the period before Christmas and late spring.

temperature medie a Vienna

The month of December is magical here, everything is filled with decorations and in the air you can breathe the scent of marzipan biscuits and gluewein.

If you are not a too dreamy soul, the snow could be the only defect of this period – in the case you were, however, this is precisely the reason to visit Vienna in winter.

The other recommended period is spring. Well, who does not like to discover cities with perfect temperatures, with few tourists and fully flowered parks?

Moreover, Vienna is called the city of fountains, so you realize that visiting it while they are starting to work again is magic.


What to see Vienna in 4 days: the places where you will leave the heart


1- ?  Schönbrunn Palace

Are you wondering what to see in Vienna?

The Schnönbrunn palace, of course: a beautiful, baroque style building that it was -not by chance- included in the UNESCO heritage list.

While the visit to the palace requires a ticket, you can visit the gardens for free!

visitare Vienna: Schoenbrunn Palace

?? Pro tips! The line to visit the palace can be really challenging. We suggest you to take the ticket online at this link or rely on some cumulative ticket – we will talk later about them -.


? Curiosity! Here was the first Mozart concert.

Nothing particularly curious, you will tell us.

Well, we could agree if it weren’t for the fact that at the time our Wolfgang Amadeus was only 6 years old!

Visitare Vienna: Schonbrunn

Opening hours:
April 1 to June 30 8:00 – 17:30,
July 1 to August 31 8:00 – 18:30,
September 1 to October 31 8:00 – 17:30,
November 1 to March 31 8:00 – 17: 00.

to visit the Schönbrunn Palace, numerous tickets are available, the price of which varies according to what you want to see.
And the same goes for the Vienna Card!

⚠️ Warning! Last admission: 45 minutes before closing.


2- ? Naschmarkt

The Naschmarkt is one of the most famous places in Vienna!

In this place, a colorful market and restaurants of all kinds live together.

Visitare Vienna: Naschmarkt

?? Pro tip! Once you get here, don’t miss the beautiful street art in the area. Click here for the detailed map of all the murals!


3- ? Spittelberg quarter

?? Pro tip! If you have decided to visit the city in the pre-Christmas period, here there is a very nice Christmas market, mainly reserved for the Viennese.


Imagine you suddenly end up in a remote village in the most authentic Austria – quiet, relaxed, almost enchanted…
That’s what awaits you in the Spittelberg district: the feeling of not finding yourself in a big city anymore. And you will love – we are sure! – this cluster of cafes, restaurants and bars to spend the afternoon.

?? Pro tip nr. 2! One of the nicest cafes in the city – a bit hidden – it’s in Burggasse 24. Try it!


4- ? Museums in Vienna: the neighborhood and the Leopold Museum

The museum quarter is for sure one of the coolest areas in Vienna and visiting it is a must!

visitare Vienna: Leopold Museum

It is a beautiful complex where some of the most important museums of the city are concentrated but there are also cultural spaces, restaurants, small bars, open-air sculptures …

The atmosphere that reigns in this part of the city is so pleasant that you won’t want to leave, we assure you!

Visitare Vienna: Leopold Museum

Opening hours:
Every day from 10:00 to 18:00,
Thursday from 10:00 to 21:00,
Tuesday closed.

Full € 14,
Reduced € 10 for u19, students u28 and seniors o65.

For more information see the official site.


5- ⛪️ What to see in Vienna: the Capuchin Crypt

Inside this little hidden church you can find nothing less than the bodies of all the emperors of Austria!

Cool, right?

From 1633, the bodies of the Habsburgs are kept here, either who reigned (as many as 12 emperors and 18 empresses), or the simple members of the family.

Visitare Vienna: Cripta dei Cappuccini

Among the 150 sarcophagi – real works of art -, the most noteworthy are those of Princess Sissi and Francesco Giuseppe I.

Although it may seem a disturbing visit, we assure you that it is worth it!


6- ? Hofburg Palace

Hofburg, which was once the royal palace and governmental seat, today houses a complex of museums such as the Sissi museum and the imperial treasures museum, the Spanish riding school and other important attractions.

Before your trip to Vienna, decide what you want or don’t want to see in this building. The visit to all the museums that it includes, takes a lot of time.
For this reason, you have to be sure you of what you want to see.

This is also important to decide which ticket to buy! First of all to avoid queues and then to save on the price!

Here you can buy cumulative tickets for imperial treasure and riding school.

Here you can buy the ticket only for the imperial treasure.Cosa vedere a Vienna: Hofburg

?? Pro tip! If you don’t want to visit all the buildings in the city due to the short time you have or interest, we recommend skipping this. To us personally, the visit to the Sissi museum has not thrilled and the rooms of the building have seemed to us a copy of Schonbruenn. If you want to do something special, we recommend the Spanish School.


Opening hours:
from September to June 9:00 am – 5:30 pm,
from July to August 9:00 am – 6:00 pm.

Full starting from € 15.00,
reduced children (6 – 18 years) starting from € 9,00; reduced students (19 – 25 years) starting from € 14.00.
Recommended the Sisi Ticket or the Vienna Pass.


7- ? Kunsthistorisches Museum, masterpieces inside a masterpiece 

This museum, whose German name means Museum of Art History, is worth a visit even only for the building  – and its bar -.

visitare Vienna: Kunsthistorische museum

It is one of the structures wanted by the Habsburgs – together with Hofburg – and inside it houses a huge collection of works ranging from the Middle Ages to the late 20th century. 

Once the tour is over, a coffee at the bar is a must … so beautiful that you can stand the high prices!Visitare Vienna: museo di storia dell'arte

Opening hours:
Tuesday to Sunday 10:00 – 18:00,
Thursday from 10:00 to 21:00,
June to August open every day.

Full € 16,
free u19.

Buy your ticket here to skip the row! 


8- ? Schmetterlinghaus

This word (which looks like a dirty word but we assure you not to be!) that is very complicated means very simply Butterfly House and it is nothing more than a greenhouse in which the natural habitat of the butterflies has been reconstructed precisely and which today contains hundred of them.

Except for the humidity of the place, seeing all those butterflies flying around will make you a child again.

Visitare Vienna: Schmitzerlinghaus

Opening hours:
For the months from April to October, from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 16:45 and Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 to 18: 15,
for the months from November to March, every day from 10:00 at 15: 45.

Full price € 7,
reduced rate € 6 for over 65s and Vienna Card holders; reduced € 5.5 for students up to the age of 26.


9- ? Albertina

Only the stairs that will take you to the Albertina museum are a valid reason to discover this museum which, in the list of things to see in visiting Vienna, if you are an art lover, it must be included!

You will see famous artists such as Monet, Picasso, Modigliani, Matisse, Renoir and Miró. In addition to an important section dedicated to contemporary art or photography exhibitions.

Visitare Vienna: Albertina Museum

Every day from 10:00 to 18:00; Wednesday from 10:00 to 21: 00.

€ 12.90 full ticket;
€ 9.90 over65;
€ 8.50 under26;
free under 19.


10- ? Vienna what to see: the State Opera

The opera is one of the most important attractions in the whole city.
You can’t understand how majestic and beautiful this 19th century building is until you find it in front of you.

All seasons it hosta up to 60 different shows and ballets!

We wanted so much to attend a show but unfortunately there weren’t any in the evenings while we were in the city.
If you can, go and see one for us too, book your ticket at this link!

Visitare Vienna: opera


11- ? Hundertwasserhaus, a bit of extravagance in Vienna for good

If you are a lover of Gaudì – but actually even if you are not -, you will not be able to remain indifferent to the beauty of the eccentric, eccentric and genius house Friedensreich Hundertwasser, Austrian architect who thought a very special design for this house.

Visitare Vienna: Hunderwasser Haus

Unfortunately for us – but fortunately for those who live in it! -, the building is inhabited, so internally it is not visible but the façade is worth a visit, cross on the heart!

If you are wondering what to see in Vienna for free, this is the answer!


12- ? Kunst Haus, when art is everywhere

Hunderwasser has also created the Kunst Haus and some of his works are contained in this house of art.

You must visit also the bar on the ground floor, one of the most beautiful that you will ever have the chance to visit!

At this link, you can book your visit to the museum in advance!


Here you will find all the info on timetables and prices that vary according to the exposure present.

Definitely to be included in the list of what to visit in Vienna. We insist (:


13- ? Vienna to see: the Belvedere castle

There are really a lot of reasons to visit the Belvedere Castle but we don’t deny you that the first reason is surely the fact that in one of the two buildings that make up the complex is preserved a masterpiece whose fame makes it known even to those who do not like art.Visitare Vienna: Belvedere

Do you want to know the title of this work and of the author?

Hold on tight, this is the Klimt Kiss, one of the undisputed masterpieces of the legend of the secession period.

But let’s take a step back, as we have already mentioned, the complex consists of 2 buildings (the Upper and Lower Belvedere), a French garden between the two buildings and the Orangerie – a structure used for temporary exhibitions-.

cosa vedere al Belvedere: il bacio di Klimt

We strongly suggest that you visit the Oberes Belvedere (the Upper Belvedere) both for the structure itself – from the beautiful façade, containing some lavishly decorated rooms … – and for the collections that it houses – that start from the Middle Ages and reach today , passing through works by Schiele, Van Gogh, Monet … Klimt, of course.

While we advise you to avoid the Lower Belvedere in case you do not have enough time. Here are preserved works of the local Baroque age.


Visitare Vienna: ober Belvedere

Opening hours:
Every day from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, Friday from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm.

As for the other buildings in the city, there are many ticket prices for the Belvedere and they vary according to the sections of the castle you want to visit.

Here you can buy your ticket!


14- ⛪️ Saint Stephen Cathedral

Walking around the city, you will see the Saint Stephen Cathedral, a beautiful example of Gothic architecture dating back to the 12th century.

You will love the view from the tower, reachable after climbing 343 steps -or after taking the elevator -!

Visitare Vienna: Chiesa di Santo Stefano

Opening hours:
Monday to Saturday 9:00 am – 11:30 am and 1:00 pm – 4:30 pm,
Sunday from 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm

They vary depending on which part of the church you want to visit: cathedral, bell tower, catacombs etc.


15- ? Column of the Plague

Do you know why this column in the center of Vienna is called “column of the plague“?

Everything is due to one of the epidemics that in the course of history had struck Vienna.

Leopold, the emperor of the time, exhausted by the death that surrounded him, made a promise to himself and to the city: “I promise to erect a monument at the same time as the epidemic will stop torturing Vienna”.

And so it was, the epidemic ceased and the emperor had to respect his oath.

To those epidemics, we owe one of the most beautiful columns in absolute, baroque style, richly decorated, in which is represented the faith that defeats the plague.

?Curiosity! The column stands at the center of the square Graben (which in German means pit) and is called so because it was once really a pit! Wanted and built by the Romans for defense.
Only later the pit was covered and today the beauty of this part of the city is under everyone’s eyes!


16- ⛪️ Peterskirche

The Peterskirche is a miniature copy of the beautiful St. Peter’s Cathedral in Rome … and although it is not very famous, we advise you to come in and give us a look, if only because of the free admission and because it is located in the center.

You will see that you will not be disappointed, all because its very baroque exterior aspect already suggests the sumptuous interiors and the important use of gold.

Do not forget to look up and admire the phantasmagoric dome whose frescoes are dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin.

If you really want to live it to the full, here are held very interesting classical music concerts, book your ticket here.

Visitare Vienna: Peterskirche

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday 7:00 am – 8:00 pm, Saturday, Sunday and holidays from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm



17- ? Prater, the perfect place to feel Pinocchio!

Have you ever been to Copenhagen? Because the Prater is very reminiscent of the Tivoli park in the Danish capital.

Visitare Vienna: Prater

Well, in case you had never been, you have to imagine yourself to be catapulted into the land of Pinocchio, suddenly surrounded by thousands of rides, restaurants and candy-floss shacks.

Oh, a visit to the Prater is inevitable even just for the Ferris wheel … Ferris wheel at sunset, to be able to enjoy the city under an orange sky.

Cosa vedere a Vienna: Prater

Opening hours:
Every day from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm, last entry until 5:00 pm

Admission is free but each carousel has its own ticket.


18- ? Rathaus and parliament, the law dressed in elegance

The Vienna Rathaus (town hall) is one of the most beautiful in circulation.

It has a façade that is so much elaborated and particular to think whether it is a church or a museum … in any case, it is possible to take a guided tour inside the building and discover both its functioning and exploring the beautiful rooms.

If you are interested, click here!

?? Pro tip! In the pre-Christmas period, right in front of the town hall, here is set up the largest Christmas market in the whole city.


19- ? Volksgarten, where to breathe Vienna

There are places where wherever you are in the world, they make you feel at home.

In Vienna, Volksgarten is this place: a garden with more than 3,000 roses!

Obviously not to be missed if you wanted to visit Vienna in spring.

Visitare Vienna: Volksgarten


20- ? What to see Vienna: the Austrian national library

Come on! Who doesn’t like gigantic wooden libraries, densely decorated, with very old tomes?

Wherever we know there is a library of this kind, we have to visit it (see Dublin, Vilnius, Prague …)

If you are this kind of person, if you too want to be charmed by the beauty of a place like this and you are ready to exclaim “wow”, don’t miss it!

Visitare Vienna: biblioteca nazionale austriaca

This library preserves the beauty of 8 million books including 100 (thousand) volumes between the 14th century and 19th.

Opening hours:
Monday to Sunday, from 10:00 to 18:00; Thursday: 10:00 to 21:00 From October to May closed on Monday.

€ 7 full ticket, under 19 free


21- ? Vienna monuments: the Palace of Justice

This is a bonus point, mainly because the structure is wonderful.
In fact, even if it is not a real attraction, this building – where many people work – is really photogenic!

Once you have passed a security check, you will find yourself in front of a beautiful stairway through which you can go up and have a panoramic view of the building.

A single warning:

Don’t go there on the weekend, it’s closed!


⚠️ Caution!

The order in which we put the attractions is not accidental but rather linked to what could be the day-to-day subdivision of things to see in Vienna.

The first day includes points from 1 to 5, the 2nd from 6 to 10, the 3rd from 11 to 15 and the last from 16 to 21.

Surely this guide is also useful for what to see in Vienna in 3 days: eliminate the attractions that you prefer not to see and compress the itinerary a bit!

We hope you will find it useful (: Psst, remember only to check the closing days of the attractions!



What to do in Vienna: unmissable musts!


☕️ Break in one of the city’s historic cafés

The number of cafes in the city is shocking and all of the are beautiful!

Then, prepare yourself to relax every single afternoon, half an hour in a different café.

The Cafe Central (Herrengasse 14) and the Demel (Kohlmarkt 14) are the best.

Inside these places, it will seem like going back in time, to a sophisticated, elegant age.

coffee vienna

At the Central cafè, try the strudel and the kaiserschmarrn (we won’t tell you what it is but trust us!), at the Demel cafe instead don’t dare forget to try the almond cake!


? Try the first, unique, inimitable Sacher

Could you ever come to Vienna and not try the very original Sacher in the place where it was invented?

The only acceptable answer is: absolutely not!

Then mark the address – Philharmoniker Str. 4- and be patient in case there was a little line (it’s a very popular place … it could happen that you have to wait 15-20 minutes) because the wait will be absolutely worth it…

…Even if the price is a bit high (we took the cake-hot drink-water bottle package and it cost  € 16 per person).

The location is also enviable: a beautiful tea-room from the imperial period.

Visitare Vienna: provare la Sacher Torte


? Getting on the Vienna Ring Tram and discovering the history of the city

One of the most beautiful things to do in Vienna is to walk along the Ringstrass.

The whole road is about 5 and a half km long so a special and nice way to follow it, it is surely to take it by tram.

There is a special tram, the Vienna Ring Tram, which departs from Schwedenplatz every half and hour and through an audio-guide included, it will explain the different attractions you will pass by!

The ticket is a little pricey  (which you can also book online) but as you will understand, Vienna is not an cheap city …


? A walk along the Danube and let yourself be lulled by the river

In many cities we recommend taking a nice walk along the river and once again we cannot avoid it.

Not only because in this area you will find a lot of street art but also because visiting Vienna from the low banks of the river will make you discover the city from another perspective.

If you don’t know what to do in Vienna in the evening, we would advise you to start with a walk (:

Please note that the river is very long, we recommend concentrating on the area from Marienbruecke to Aspernbruecke.
Or to live it directly by water, giving yourself a cruise of 1 hour on the Danube.


Where to sleep in Vienna: the right choices

As you will know, the choice of where to sleep and where to rest after a busy day of discovering a city, can have an important impact on your travel experience.

For example, staying in a bad area could make you feel in danger, you cannot go out at night or get yourself sleepy … on the other hand stay in a well connected place, from which you can reach the major attractions by foot it can save you a lot of time on transportations.

So, where to stay while you are visiting Vienna?

A million dollar question … to which we know how to answer! (:


✔︎ Park Hyatt 

For a beautiful experience, where you can’t help but feel like a member of the Habsburg family in the golden age, we suggest you to stay at Park Hyatt.

where to sleep vienna park hyatt

During our 2 days of stay in this place we almost struggled to get out and explore the city because the hotel is so beautiful and comfortable.
The proximity to the major attractions of the city to the hotel made so easy that we didn’t need to take public transportation and therefore we were able to respect the roadmap without giving up enjoying this gorgeous hotel! –


This is a former bank adapted to a 143-room hotel and 35 suites, in a 20th century building, in the Goldenes neighborhood – UNESCO heritage- equipped with all the comforts such as spa and wellness center, gym, smoking and drinking room, Am Hof ​​café with outdoor terrace, and The Bank Brasserie and Bar.

In addition Parkhyatt offers VIB service (“Very important Baby” – for all those parents who need some time for themselves) and V.I.D. (“Very important Dog” – in fact dogs are not only welcome but there are dedicated services for 4-legged friends).

We would like to find a something bad or a defect about this place but we can’t… that’s why we strongly recommend it.

park hyatt hotel vienna

You want to live like a king? This is your place.


✔︎ Schani Hotel Wien

If instead you need a less expensive budget, we recommend the Schani Hotel Wien.

Unlike the first, the concept of this hotel is completely different:

It is indeed a smart hotel with an essential and eco-sustainable design, in which everything can be done in complete autonomy – even check in and check out -.

How is that possible?

Keep reading!

Dove dormire a Vienna: Schani Hotel Wien

Located near the central station, it is the ideal solution if you are looking for an informal, youthful environment but also a quiet, clean and well-connected place.

The thing that we loved the most is the fact that it is has an app and through this you can do practically everything …

The app in addition to alerting you on things strictly related to the hotel (i.e. it warns you when your room is ready or it sends you an email when you have to leave), also it gives a series of very interesting information to visit Vienna.

Moreover, the breakfast cappuccino is exceptional!

Schani hotel Wien

✔︎ Airbnb

Do you know what Airbnb is?
Probably yes but if not, here is a short explanation: it is a portal through which you can book apartments for your stay. 

The advantage of choosing an apartment with Airbnb is certainly the price that are not as high as the hotels.
Furthermore, there is often the possibility of exploiting services that in the hotels are not available – such as the washing machine -.
As last, but not least pro, it’s perfect to experience the city like a real local.

Wouldn’t you like to visit Vienna as a local? By subscribing to the platform with this link you will save up to € 25.


What and where to eat in Vienna

Very good, here we will tell you what to eat in Vienna!

  • Soups

Soups, soups and more soups.
Like all the Nordic countries, soup is a dish that never fails!

Definitely try the beef soup – made of beef, vegetables, egg whites and various herbs -, the potato soup – made mainly of bacon, potatoes, mushrooms – and the griessnockerlsuppe – with dumplings inside a soup of beef and carrots-.

  • Main course

You need to know that you will not be able to return home from Vienna without having tried the Wiener schnitzel -the breaded veal cutlet-.

The alternatives, unfortunately for vegetarians, are always meat. Worthy of note are the Tafelspitz – boiled meat fillet – and of course the sausages!

  • Dessert

We’ve already talked about the delicious Sacher and we’ve already recommended it.

Well, as much as you may not be a fan of sweets, you must try at least another one: the Alpfenstrudel – or apple strudel.

Served with custard or vanilla ice cream is really so good!


? Where to eat in Vienna: our recommendations

And after understanding what to eat, here’s where to eat in Vienna!

Surely we advise you to stop and eat something directly at the Naschmarkt, both for the quality of the products and for the atmosphere you breathe. There, we stopped at Rinderwahn.

To try the typical local cuisine and live an intense culinary experience, we refer you to the Gastwirtschaft Wratschko and to the Schweizerhaus in case your intention is to try the best Austrian goulash of all time!

If you want to try an absurd place – not so much for what you eat – then here is the gem: Rollercoster restaurant.

Right inside the Prater is hidden one of the strangest restaurants we have ever tried, a place where food is served by a mechanical arm through the roller coaster!

Vienna: Rollercoaster


Experience-saving pills: everything you need to know to visit Vienna 

? How to get to the city from the airport

Vienna airport is about 20 km from the city and getting from one to the other is really simple! We personally tried two different ways.

The first one was a bus (click here to book it) which we took just outside the arrivals and took us to the city in about 20 minutes.


€ 8 per person.

The second one was a train from the central station that took us to the airport in about 30 minutes.


€ 4.20 per person, you can book it at this link or directly at the station.

There is another option that takes you from the airport to the city center. We personally have not tried it and it is a little bit more expensive than the others but it seems to be much faster.

 Click here to learn more.

Obviously the choice of which way to adopt is up to you and will depend on where your hotel is and how much you want to spend.


Getting around

Visiting Vienna you will realize that many attractions are nearby and easily reachable with a nice walk.

So our advice for the central area is to visit Vienna by foot.

However, for some points of interest, you will have to use the public transportation: don’t worry, Vienna is a very well connected city!

The transportation are well kept, clean and always on time!

Vienna: City Card

?? Pro tip! find out before leaving where the hotel you have booked is located to evaluate the travel and therefore the itinerary of your holiday.

We advise you to build an itinerary able to concentrate all the nearby attractions on the same days and then to get the Vienna City Card only for the days when you need to move very far to save time. Moreover, this card will allow you to take advantage of a series of discounts for major city attractions. Book it here!


muoversi col tram nel visitare Vienna


? How to save on attractions

The biggest flaw in Vienna is to be a really expensive city and obviously the attractions are no exception … they cost a lot!

Once you become aware of this fact, you have to understand how many museums you want to visit, how many buildings you want to visit, how many places you want to discover … how many things you want to see!

Once you understand this, you will have to start to make calculations related to the individual tickets and understand if it is more worthwhile to make a subscription or take the single tickets.

Having said that, we have decided to use the Vienna Pass which can be booked by clicking here.

Vienna pass


Because you will save it a lot of money!

Moreover, the skip-the-line service made us save hours in queues.

Included in the Vienna Pass there are super attractions such as the Spanish riding school, the Ferris wheel in the Prater, all the major museums, the Schoenbrunn zoo and unlimited hop-on hop-off rides.


Now you are finally ready, you know what to see in Vienna! Book the flight, the hotel, mark our suggestions and go, a new journey is waiting for you!


DISCLAIMER – The accommodation was kindly provided by the Park Hyatt and Hotel Schani hotels. Nevertheless, our opinions about the hotels and on how to visit Vienna are absolutely impartial and sincere.