Do you have doubts about how Skyscanner works? Then you’re in the right place.

We, as expert travelers, have used it so many times to book flights that we know all its secrets.

So we have created a guide for you! By following these tips you will be able to pay a round trip from Milan to Los Angeles for only € 420. We’re not even joking.

…you don’t believe it?

Keep reading our Skyscanner ultimate guide (last update 2019) where we explain step by step how does the website work ad you’ll understand that we really are not joking.

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Summary (clickable):



In a nutshell, what is it?

Skyscanner is an online search engine for flights.

It means that you just have to enter the airport of departure, the destination of your dreamy trip and Skyscanner through a bit of black magic…

Okay okay, now we’re kidding!

By inserting the airport/city from where you want to leave and the one where you want to arrive, Skyscanner’s super innovative – also technically boring – calculation algorithm

gives you a series of options among which you just have to choose.

Super cool! Seems easy, doesn’t it?

Yes and no; well, like all IT tools, this site is easy to use for basic options but it becomes more and more difficult if you try to apply more complex functions.

However, what we feel like saying is that if you learn how to use it, you could get discounts on the prices of amazing flights.

⚠️Spoiler alert: our round-trip flight to Los Angeles was found with Skyscanner; to know in detail the techniques we used, keep reading.

So, let’s see all Skyscanner functions, so that once you have finished reading this guide, Skyscanner won’t have any secret anymore.

Let’s take the search for a fantastic flight to London as example.



How does this flight search engine work? Step by step guide

Visit Skyscanner home page.

skyscanner homepage

You will immediately notice that Skyscanner’s strength is intuitiveness.

Unlike its main competitor, Google Flights, which provides many more functions but is more dispersive, Skyscanner provides, in our opinion, all the functions suitable to be considered a fundamental tool for a travel pro.

Now all you have to do is enter where you want to leave from, the destination, your trip dates and the number of passengers.

Under the flight search bar you can select two important options:

  • Include nearby airports which will also indicate in the search results airports close to the one you have selected


If you choose Milan Malpensa as your destination, selecting “Include nearby airports”, you will also be shown Milan Linate and Milan Orio al Serio (Bergamo) among the results.

  • Direct flights only which will show you only direct flights by removing any solution with a stopover. It is especially interesting for intercontinental flights, where stopovers can make you waste time.

Above the flight search bar there are 3 other interesting options, we only point out “Multiple destinations“, since “One-way” and “Round trip” are quite self-explanatory.

multi city trip

Selecting “Multiple destinations” Skyscanner will give you the opportunity to create a personalized trip in which there isn’t a simple round-trip flight, but you can also insert intermediate stops.

In our case:

We leave from Milan, land in Amsterdam to visit the city and then leave for Dublin. Once the holiday is over, we have to go back to Milan.

Do you get how it works?

??Pro advice: this function should mainly be used to find so-called separate tickets and to enter an intermediate stop.

For those who do not know what separate tickets are…

They are round-trip tickets bought not from the same airline.

And why are they convenient?

Because they allow you to combine multiple flight sections that a single airline may not operate or to take advantage of offers for a single section of another airline.

Clever, isn’t it?

“Skyscanner everywhere” function: you don’t know where to go? Skyscanner takes care of it

Travel pros often use this technique:

Book a trip based on its cost and not based on the destination.


Each destination has its own reason -without counting that traveling is beautiful regardless-, therefore why always go to the usual destinations Rome, Copenhagen, Prague etc. when for a cheap price you could visit cities like:

  • Warsaw
  • Athens
  • Tallinn
  • Riga
  • Vilnius

going everywhere skyscanner

These destinations often cost even € 20 round-trip.

Amazing, isn’t it?

Just scroll through the list and evaluate which destinations are cheaper when you want to leave.

Map: a visual “function everywhere”

Clicking from the home page on “map” you can view, as the name says, the world map with all the destinations you can visit in that month – selectable from the drop-down menu-.

This is exactly the function that carries out the “anywhere” option but in a visual way, by clicking on the offers that Skyscanner offers, you will be redirected to the page where you can select flights.

This tool is useful if you don’t know where to go and you want to have an idea of where a certain place is.

skyscanner map view

You still don’t have a date in mind: “the whole month” is what you need

After clicking on the return or outward date, you’ll see the menu to select a date.

From here select the whole month and so you can set as a departure or return not a specific date but a month.

??Pro tip: if you are doing a search without even having the period of the year in mind, try with The most convenient month, Skyscanner will show you, according to its calculations, which is the best month to leave.

whole month feature skyscanner

Once you have selected the month in which you want to leave and return (unfortunately yes, you must also come back) click on “search for flights“, in green.

You now can see the lowest prices for every single day of the month.

Useful, isn’t it?

So, you can immediately evaluate which is the best time to leave within a single month.

Then select the day of departure and return and click on “find flights” to go to the page dedicated to the search results.

flights search page

?? Pro tip: we always use this option to evaluate when to leave, we always do it with the private browsing mode (Chrome, Mozilla, Safari) so that we don’t get tracked and the prices don’t increase. But we’ll talk about this in another article.

Chart mode: prices even more visual

If you use the “whole month” function, you will also have the “chart” mode which will allow you to see even more at first glance, what is the most convenient period to leave.

Just look at the photo below. Do you want to go to Dublin in April?

Do not go in Easter if you can, but immediately before or immediately after to save up to 50% of the cost of the flight ticket.


If you leave on Thursday 11th and return on Monday 15th, with 2 days of vacation, you will spend 68 €. If you look carefully, you can also find such prices (or lower) without having to ask for even 1 day of vacation.

So select the day you want to leave and return on and click “show flights” to directly go to the flight search page.

graph search page

How to complete the booking

We’re super close to finish our dreamy destination booking, what’s left?

Evaluate the offers on the flight results page of the search you’ve made, that means the page below.

flights list skyscanner

You can select many options on the left of the page that will change the results presented by Skyscanner, such as:

  • Number of stopovers
  • Departure time
  • Return time
  • Flight duration
  • Airlines: to remove the ones you don’t want to fly with – because maybe you had some problem before-
  • Options for airports:
    • Round-trip flights to and from the same airport
    • Stops that do not include an airport change: for example, for London, some options will make you land in one airport (Gatwick) and leave again from another one (Heathrow)

An important option that we want to underline is the “filters“, as you can see in the image below “Sort by“:

flights list skyscanner

You can order the results according to Skyscanner from the best to the cheapest, the fastest etc. with just one click.

So, it takes less time to choose which flight is the best for you.


Last step:

Click on “view offers” on the trip you chose. The last page will open to select which company to buy your ticket from.


Yes, you got it right. It’s up to you to choose whether to buy the ticket directly from the airline in question or opt for an intermediary.

Sometimes the intermediaries have lower prices because they buy a certain amount of tickets by taking advantage of the discounts for large numbers that airlines apply.

Be careful though:

If the price differences are not too high, always try to buy your tickets directly from the airlines.


choose solution flight

You’ll be so sure that you won’t have any kind of problem afterwards; in fact, with intermediaries, inconveniences of any kind not attributable to the airline could occur.

Some examples:

  • Canceled flights with no reason
  • Costumer service only available at insane costs
  • Difficulty in getting refunds

So an option that Skyscanner offers is a sort of intermediary evaluation, as you can see from the photo above.

The number of comments and the stars under each name should represent the reliability of the considered company but…

… have you noticed anything?

They are almost always all high ratings (4/5 stars) and 4000-5000 reviews for each individual company…

Personally, this makes always so suspicious…

For this reason, pro advice:

We always try to buy directly from airlines or super known companies such as Edreams, Expedia, Momondo etc.

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Let’s be clear, we are not saying that they are scams (for God’s sake!). What we’re saying is JUST that we prefer to behave in this way. If you want more info we link the Skyscanner page that explains the evaluation system.

Here it is.

Transparency of the service offered by Skyscanner

As you can see in the previous photo, at the end of each booking process, if you click on the explanation link of how Skyscanner earns, you will have this explanation of the service:

“The prices displayed always include all mandatory taxes and charges, but remember to check ALL ticket details, final costs and terms and conditions on the supplier website before booking.

Check extra costs

Some airlines or agencies have additional baggage, insurance or credit card charges. Look at airline fees.

Check the Terms and Conditions for travelers aged 12-16 

There may be restrictions on minors traveling unaccompanied.”


How to sign up to Skyscanner and what for

To create your own account on Skyscanner, you need to follow just 2 steps:

  • Click on “Login” on the top right of the home page
  • Sign up with email or password, Facebook, Google account

sign up skyscanner

Obviously, by signing up with Google or Facebook -we did it with our Google account-, you will save time because Skyscanner will take all the necessary info directly from the account already filled out.

“Hey guy, can we use Skyscanner even without registration?”. Someone is surely thinking.

Absolutely yes, but you will not be able to use (or better monitor more thoroughly) all the price alerts that can be created for each search.

Why do we say thoroughly?

Because you can still create price alerts – through your email – even if you are not registered.

But let’s take a step back, what are price alerts?

As the word itself says, they are alerts that Skyscanner sends by email when there is a price change in the saved search for which you have set an alert.

In this way, at each price change you will receive an email in your mailbox that informs you of the change.

How to create a price alert?

Simple, when you are in the Skyscanner flight search results page, click on “Receive price alerts“.

get price alerts skyscanner

You’ll then see the following page:

setting flight alert

Done, price alert set.

??Pro tip: if you have decided to sign up, go to the page dedicated to your account. By clicking on “account” at the top right of the website homepage

The following screen will open, the one on the left in detail:

skyscanner account

Click on “price alerts” and you’ll see on right side where all the price alerts you have saved will be saved.

Super cool!

So you can periodically check if there are any changes in flight prices and you will have everything saved in one place. You know, emails always get lost…

Add a traveler” function: do you need company?

By clicking, always on the page dedicated to your account, on “add a traveler” you can add the data of another person in order to automate reservations on Skyscanner.

add another travel option

A great help to avoid having to waste time looking for the data of your boyfriend/girlfriend or travel buddy every time.


Mobile version: does anything change?

Absolutely nothing changes, guys! The mobile version of Skyscanner is specially optimized for smaller screens such as smartphones or tablets, so the functions described in this guide are also valid for mobile.

homepage skyscanner mobile



Skyscanner App: the mobile is the best  

Do you want to book a fantastic trip while on the train to go to work or on a break at the university?

So download the Skyscanner application for iPhone or Android.

The features are exactly the same as the computer version, only condensed in an app to make everything accessible from a smartphone, like all applications.

The features are exactly the same as the computer version, only condensed in an app to make everything accessible from a smartphone, like all applications.

??Pro tip: use the computer version to book a flight, in our opinion the application loses a bit of intuitiveness compared to the site. But this is obviously an opinion.

Let us know in the comments which version of Skyscanner you prefer:

  • Computer version
  • Mobile version for smartphones
  • Application


Skyscanner flight offers – Case study: how did we get to and from Los Angeles at €427?

Yes, you got it right dear traveler, we spent €427 each for a round trip from Milan to Los Angeles in AUGUST.

Case study details:

  • Return flight to LA
  • Booked for August
  • With Virgin Atlantic and British Airways, not low-cost airlines
  • Departure from Milan Linate (for the uninitiated they are usually the most expensive because it is a city airport)

How did we do that?

We used Skyscanner using many of the functions that we have described to you in this guide, in particular:

  • Price alerts,
  • View the whole month to immediately evaluate which days to avoid to leave and come back,
  • Map function: to evaluate all LA airports,
  • User comments…

Basically, we monitored the trend for about 3-4 months with the price alerts function, the dates that we previously skimmed using the month view, to be sure to select the right dates.

And then?

We used the map to evaluate every single airport available in LA or in the surrounding area, for example San Francisco or Oakland – even if it was immediately rejected because it was too expensive -.

Once we chose the dates and the airport, we set up 3-4 alerts to monitor the chosen and nearby dates.


To make sure you find the absolute cheapest option!

So one day we received an email saying that the price of the monitored flight had fallen by about 60%…

… “It’s a joke” we thought.

We immediately went on Skyscanner and seriously we saw that Edreams had released tickets at more or less 427€.

So we read the comments to see if we could trust the company and done:

We bought two tickets to LA.

This is the trip details- It’s in italian but you can get an idea nevertheless:

caso studio 1 skyscanner

And this is the price details:

caso studio 2 skyscanner

By doing two post-holiday searches what did we find out? That there had been a price error lasting no more than a few hours.

This was confirmed by a dear friend of ours who, in taking the same flight (on different days) with an agency, asked how it was possible that we had found a flight at such a cheap price.

Result: 850 € saved.

So, are you ready to replicate this technique and book your dreamy vacation? If we haven’t been clear enough, please let us know!

IMPORTANT: Other advice, once you find the offer that suits you on Skyscanner, click and always go to the airline’s website to evaluate whether the prices are actually the same.

Sometimes it happens that the airlines update the fares and communicate it to Skyscanner after a while.


What hand luggage to buy in order to avoid fines?

If you make wrong this choice you might regret it for a long time…

…therefore, here are both hand luggage, to buy in order to avoid fines, and hold baggage, so that you can travel as comfy as possible.

? For travelers who decided to travel without additional baggage:

⚠️ Warning!

We suggest you to buy bags or holdalls and NOT small trolleys since their wheels might give you problems if they ask you to measure the baggage at the gate. You better not to risk it.

We personally bought the Nike gym bag on Amazon, which was the one we liked the most and we also use it when we go to the gym, but all the solutions mentioned above are legit.

? For travelers who decided to travel with an additional hand luggage:

In addition to the mentioned above options, usually you can also bring a standard trolley of 10kg.

We suggest you to do what we did. We personally decided to spend a little bit more for a good trolley that lasts in time, rather than one that immediately breaks after a couple of trips:

? Hold Baggage tips:

As for hold baggage, we did the same as for hand luggage: it is better to spend a little more today than to have problems tomorrow. Plus we travel very often, so…

We bought this one from Roncato which is still intact after many trips:

Roncato big hand luggage

But these two other options aren’t bad either:


How to book you hotel at the lowest price

In our opinion, the best site ever to book hotels and save a lot, at least this year, is


For some simple reasons: 

  • Free cancellation,
  • Customer service available 24 hours a day,
  • Both the site and the app for iOS and Android are extremely easy to use,
  • Lowest guarantee price on the market.

We, for our travels, always book with Booking and never once we have had problems.

Book your stay now by clicking here, or enter your travel details below so that Booking shows you the best solutions for your stay.

If you do not know how to use Booking or if you are not sure to take full advantage of all the features, click here for our detailed guide. We will explain you all the functions and tricks.


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Who wants to save money using Skyscanner?

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t not like to save for a trip … in case you managed to save by booking with Skyscanner, as we did, we want you to let us know in the comments.

Let us know if you have any booking problems, we are here for this and we will get back to you in 24 hours.


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