There are travel experiences that can only be lived by relying on expert hands, especially in dangerous countries. In these cases, our solution is always to book with Get Your Guide.

So, when and why do we use Get Your Guide?

  • When we have to book an excursion that requires a tourist guide;
  • When we have to go hiking in “unsafe” countries;
  • Because it has free cancellation up to 48 hours before the tour;
  • Because it has the best price available on the market;
  • Because it has a customer service available 24 hours a day.

And for the same reasons, we want to recommend it to you too! Learn how to use the platform in detail, with our ultimate guide.

Book your unforgettable experience now by clicking on the button below.

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Summary (clickable):

01. Quick explanation: what is Get Your Guide and how does it work;
02. How to sign up to Get Your Guide;
03. How to look for a tour, an excursion, an experience;
04. Book an activity on Get Your Guide: step by step guide;
05. Main settings and features Get Your Guide;
06. Do you want to make a different gift than usual? Click here;
07. Get Your Guide mobile app: what changes?
08. What are the main benefits of Get Your Guide?
09. Book your fantastic activities. Click here.



Get your guide: what is it and how does it work?

Get Your Guide is a platform for aggregating activities, tours, online experiences that allows you to evaluate in a very short time everything that can be explored in a city, by consulting just one website.

The experiences can be lived alone (individual entrance tickets to museums for example) or in a group under the supervision of a professional local guide.

Once the tour has been selected, just indicate the number of people, the date, the time of the visit and pay.

You will be sent a voucher to present at the time of the start of the tour and you are good to go.

Experience booked.

How to sign up on Get your guide: step by step

To sign up to Get Your Guide, first of all, you have to click here and go to the website.

In the home page you will immediately notice the button with the word “Sign up” on. Click on it to start the registration process.

get your guide homepage

A screen will open and will allow you to choose between the various signing up options:

  • Facebook: to register with your Facebook account and take your personal data directly from there;
  • Google: same thing but with your Google account;
  • Personal email: to register with an email.

sign up get your guide

Choose the option you prefer and click on the appropriate button.

With Facebook and Google, access to Get Your Guide will be automatic while with personal email, on the other hand, you will have to choose an access password.



How to search for an activity/tour with Get your guide

We now are going to explain how to book any activity, tour, experience on Get your Guide, going into detail on all the useful functions.

Let’s begin!

From the Get Your Guide home page you can immediately notice that there is a search box; here, everything starts from here!

Therefore enter:

  • City, region, state you want to visit (better the city),
  • “Check-in” and “check-out” date,

search bar get your guide

Then click on the blue “Search” button to evaluate the results that Get Your Guide will show to you.

This is the main search page:

tour list

The search results page is very intuitive, isn’t it?

On the right you will find the activities, experiences, tours that a city can offer on the platform, with various scores based on user evaluation:

  • Number of reviews written by users,
  • Score from 1 to 5 stars based on the rating.

And other important information to take in account while choosing:

  • Price;
  • Info in colored boxes: additional information that allows you to understand what tour we are talking about such as:
  • Get Your Guide originals,
  • Satisfied or refunded,
  • Most sold,
  • New business,
  • It easily runs out…

As you can see, they are all info that make you understand the characteristics of the tour immediately.

They are all self-explanatory but we want to focus on: Get Your Guide originals.

What does it mean?

This is a trademark of Get Your Guide, it means that you cannot find this experience in any other tour/activity provider.

What are the characteristics of a Get Your Guide originals experience?

get your guide original

Ora che ti è chiara la lista dei risultati di ricerca, puoi già farti un’idea di quali tour mettere nella “lista dei papabili” (detta lista dei desideri che ti spiegheremo più avanti per prenotare).

?? We do like this:

Based on the price and reviews we open other windows in the browser with those tours that have the best scores and a cost that falls within our budget (to do so click the right mouse button + open in a new window).

Then we skim and select them by reading in detail what they offer-

On the left of the screen you will find the filters, which allow you to display in the search results only the experiences that really interest you.

What filters are there?

? Search filters

As you can see from the image below, there are six types of filters:

  • Categories: to filter on the type of tour you want to carry out;
  • Destinations: allows you to decrease the search radius. For example, if you are looking for experiences in Rome you might want to search for them by neighborhood given the size of the city;
  • Price: eliminate those activities that go beyond your budget;
  • Languages: very important, if you don’t speak English filter only in your language;
  • Duration: to eliminate activities that last too long, or too short, based on the time available;
  • Services: to have some particular services included in the price.

filters available

As for the “Services” filter, we want to report the possibility of being picked up at the hotel.

This option is very convenient especially in places where traveling is not really easy.

services filters

? Single activity/experience evaluation

Let’s now move on to the description of the page dedicated to the single experience, a fundamental part in choosing among the many available experiences.


In this tab you will have a lot of useful information to consider, so it is super useful to know how to read all this info in the right way.

Once you click on an activity, a new page will immediately open with all the detailed info.

Here you will find the following information:

  • Activity summary;
  • Highlights;
  • Information in evidence;
  • Meeting point.



This is the initial summary that in a few lines summarizes the experience you are going to have.



The summary of your activity by points. Here you can check that you have everything under control.

activity information

→ In evidence

experience details


Meeting point

This is the section where you can find all the information to know where to meet with the guide to leave and live your fantastic experience.

prepare for activity


In the section “Prepare for the activity” you will also find super-mega-hyper useful information to know to be prepared on what you will do on your tour.

Find an example below for the Vatican Museums in Rome.

important information tour

Review section

Before selecting the activity, the reviews written by other users are fundamental, well actually super-fundamental.


We do trust the platform, but we trust even more those who have experienced the tours firsthand.

For this reason, we always read many reviews in order to be sure that we have made the right choice.

customer reviews tab

??Pro tips!

  • Order the reviews from the most recent to the oldest, it is useless to read reviews 4-5 years old, the tour can be changed for positive or negative…
  • Read reviews in your language and others, better to have a complete overview.
  • Read reviews of both singles and couples without and with children giving proper relevance to each. Es. Mountain climbing activities are not suitable for little children, there is no need to complain later.

Now that we have seen how to use the different functions in the best way, the time has come:

Once you have chosen the activity, you have to book, don’t you?

Keep reading for all the details on how to book a tour on Get your guide.



How to book a tour with Get your guide

We have chosen our tour, viewed all the information we need as described in the previous paragraph… well, now it’s time to click on the blue “Book now” button.

You will be sent back to the availability check bar where you will have to confirm the date of your stay in order to check the availability of the tour.

So, choose the number of people, the date and click “Check availability“.

If available, a summary screen of the tour you are booking will open. Like the following one:

add to cart tab

If everything is okay, click on “Add to cart” to pay and confirm the reservation.

You will be taken to the Cart page.

reservation block get your guide

As you can see, Get Your Guide blocks your booking for an hour, after this time you may lose your place.

You have an hour to think about it, once you have decided click on “Checkout“.

Excellent, you have reached the last step: entering your personal data and selecting the payment method.

billing details

Enter your details, select a payment method from those proposed below and click on the “Proceed to payment” button.

payment methods

You will receive a booking confirmation email with the voucher to be printed and presented at the meeting point of your tour.

Please note! If there is the possibility to download the electronic voucher, you can download the Get Your Guide app and show the voucher directly from your smartphone.

?? Pro tip!

The procedure for booking a tour that we have just shown you refers to an unregistered user who wants to book a tour. If instead you sign up, as shown in the first paragraph, you will automate the data entry and payment steps, since you can set them in your account.

In addition, the voucher will be made immediately available in your account, in the reservations section.



Get your guide Settings: everything you need to know

As you can see from the top bar of the homepage, you have everything you need to customize your Get Your Guide experience.

Let’s take a look at it together to understand what it is.

homepage bar get your guide

The first two buttons are intuitive, to change the interface language and currency.

The Wish list: the activities you have liked will be saved here, so you can resume them at any time and continue booking.

wishlist get your guide

Then we have the shopping cart, which works the same way as other sites:

Here you will see all the activities that you will put in your virtual shopping cart and that will remain on hold until you decide to proceed with the payment.

The question mark symbol with the written help is the area to go in case of any problem with the site.

Get Your Guide’s customer service is truly responsive (they usually respond within 24 hours) and very kind. Ask for anything that isn’t clear to you, don’t worry.

get your guide support

Then there’s the little man symbol which, once registered, will have your name (Simone in our case) and which represents your account.

Here you can edit and customize your profile, entering your personal information (to automate reservations) and your card details (to automate payments and save time).

If you hover the cursor over your name, as you can see from the image above, you will be able to access to:

  • Bookings: where you will find confirmed reservations that you have already paid for,
  • Settings: where to edit your experience,

settings account get your guide

automation payment method



Make a different gift than usual

If you feel like giving a different gift, you can give a loved one a voucher to spend on Get Your Guide to book an activity in any city in the world.

Indeed, you can advise in the gift certificate which activity your friend should book.

Isn’t it cool?

To give a Get Your Guide voucher click this link.

This page will open:

gift card get your guide

Then enter the amount of the voucher, a message for the person who will receive the gift and click on “add to cart” to continue with the purchase process as we have previously described (it is the same process for buying a tour).

Clicking on “Preview” instead you will see the voucher that you can give to your friend. You can see an example below.

Does this seem like a nice idea? Let us know in the comments below (:



Get Your Guide app mobile version, does anything change?

Get Your Guide also provides an app. Both the iOS version and the Android version are available.

It is practically the same as the computer version, only optimized for displaying on a smartphone screen.

Here below you will find a brief overview of the app, the available functions are exactly the same as the computer version that we have described so far.

? Mobile app Get your guide

Once the app is open, you will see the Get your guide home page, very similar to the computer version as we said.

homepage mobile get your guide

Make a search by entering where you want to go and when would you like to carry out the activities and click “Search“. The search results page will open.

tour list mobile app

Select the activity you want to carry out using the filters by clicking on “more filters“, (the operation is the same as the computer version described above).

app filters get your guide

Study important information of your tour and click on “Book now” to make the reservation. Or on “Add to wish list” if you want to mark it to do it later.

tour page mobile

It is useful to read some reviews as we said previously.

tour review get your guide

Then select the number of participants (in case you want to book) and select the option that best suits you (some tours have more options to choose from).

You have now reached the last page, entering personal data and the payment method. Once you have entered all the data, click on “Proceed with payment” to complete the purchase.

You will receive an email confirming the booking with the voucher to be printed and presented on the day of the tour. Or (if the option is available) use the electronic voucher with the app.

Mobile settings

Even the settings and functions not directly related to a reservation are very similar to the desktop version, only, as we said, optimized for viewing on smartphones.

We have the exact functions and settings, so if you are a mobile type and you do not use the computer very much, you should directly use the app which is really well done.

Same thing for the wish list, in which you can find every activity that you have decided to save and consult in the future.


Main benefits of using Get Your Guide to book a tour

We always use Get Your Guide to book tours/experiences that we cannot make on our own.

Usually we always organize everything but some times, for some circumstances, we can’t do it.

What are these circumstances?

  • Countries where the level of security is not the best;
  • Areas in which to venture alone requires some preparation (mountain for example);
  • Express visits that organizing on your own would be very complicated: es. visit to a certain city when you have little time available.

If we’re living one of the mentioned cases, then we rely on Get your guide.

We have tried many similar services but we think this is the best one, for the following reasons:

  • Free cancellation – book now and if you change your mind you can cancel without penalty up to 48h before the tour;
  • 24/7 customer service and super responsive – they respond in less than 24 hours;
  • Intuitive interface and ease of use – the site and the app are very intuitive and easy to use;
  • Get Your Guide originals: experiences that you can only find with get your guide



Ready to book?

Click on the button or be inspired by the activities below!

Find the experience of your life at the lowest price.

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Traveler friend, give us another minute

In case you have any kind of problem with Get your guide, we are here for you. Leave us a comment below describing your situation and we will support you step by step.

Write to us for anything, don’t worry.

We will get back to you in 24 hours. Promised.


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