As far as you travel, as you look for new places, as you are amazed by the world … well no place is like home. 
One of the most beautiful feeling is the one you feel when, after being away for a long time, you come back and old friends are waiting for you, well-known faces ready to welcome you. Nothing can be compared to the scent of home, to the cookies that mum has left for you on the table or to clean sheets for your bed out of a washing machine that it has just finished. 
They are small things that make the comeback a special, necessary moment, which it makes us fly far away but always come back. 
However, let’s just say that you can try this feeling elsewhere. 
Hard to believe, right? 
We did not think we could too … then we stayed at Freyja and we could not help but think again. 
A delightful gentlewoman, a caring wife, a mother and a grandmother before being the owner of this guesthouse 300 meters from the most important church in Reykjavik she greeted us with a big smile and cookies, as only a mother or a grandmother would do! 
She opened the door to what would have been  our home for the entire stay in the Icelandic capital flaunting a precise English and a funny accent. She explained to us that we were the first guests of the new suite, which they had just completed and that she hoped everything would be live up to it.


letto matromoniale reykjavik freyja guesthouse

We have never found a place so well looked after: the blankets of local manufacture, a picture of daily life above the bed, the heated floor, Occitane shampoo, and juice in the fridge and amatriciana sauce prepared in the drawer because “maybe you get hungry”. A thoughtful grandmother worried about her grandchildren.

Suite Kitchen in Reykjavik
Suite Kitchen, Freyja Guesthouse

“Then if the TV does not work tell me, my husband has placed it today, he would like to explain how to use it”. So we also met Mr. Paul: a good face, a limping English but always a smile on his lips. 
They explained to us that they had created their guesthouse in a 1931 building with the help of their son, “he studied hotel management in Los Angeles and he has worked at the Hilton since 9 years, and he explains to us how to best manage the whole thing, we execute the orders “and they laugh. They always laugh, she prepares a different smoothie every day for the guests “so they can start the day better” and he awaits her in the study with the newspaper in hand, at 7 in the morning. 
They are so available, they always smile keeping saying “if you need something tell us!” or “how did you sleep tonight? Was it hot enough or do I turn the heating up?”

Small attentions that you can only find at home. 
A healthy desire to make a good impression; they care about their guests so much and they work hard to keep the standards high. Grandparents of three wonderful children who apply their care to whatever it is about their guesthouse and their family. 
We really felt at home, loved as if there was a blood bond, as if we had known each other forever. It is so difficult to find a similar place where “you person” comes before “you customer”. 

Suite sofa Reykjavik
Living room in Freyja’s suite

Then well, if there wasn’t the treatment it would be enough the proximity to the bus stop No. 8 to make us choose a similar place (you probably do not know but that stop is at the center of the city: any tours or bus to-from the airport will pass for that stop!). In addition, you will have the opportunity to shop and cook and so to save money. 

Bathroom suite in Freyja, Reykjavik

If all the places were like this, you would have a home in every city in the world and you would never feel a foreigner



double room deluxe iceland
details double room deluxe at Freyja Guesthouse
Double room deluxe at Freyja Guesthouse
Details bathroom at Freyja
Detail Bathroom
double room
Single room freyja guesthouse
Single room
living room freyja guesthouse sofa
living room, detail
Centrepiece Freyja iceland
centrepiece, living room, Freyja