Top things to see in Copenhagen in 2 days

In Danish there is a word as beautiful as it is untranslatable.


It is linked to the feeling of wellness that you experience when you have managed to create a serene
and pleasant atmosphere, surrounded by friends and people you love.
In Copenhagen you can find it everywhere: you can breathe it even in the air.

And this is exactly why we want to bring you to Copenhagen!

Are you ready to discover the Danish capital in 48 hours?
So, let’s go! 


Copenhagen, Denmark

Danimarca map


When you should go?

Weather Copenhagen
Weather in Copenhagen



Medium-high. A cappuccino costs €5

What should you see?


or better known as the “little port.” It is the pulsating heart of the city: here, colors, smells,  flavors, faces mix up. It was one of the city’s w orst neighborhoods. Today, it’s the meeting point for people of all ages.

Tip: Do not be fooled by restaurants along the canals!You will never find some locals sitting at  those tables!

 Nyhavn colours in Copenhagen

➡ Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid‘s like an old-style poser and also the city most famous attraction. Tourists from all over the world are in line to take a photo of her but not all of them will be satisfied. Why? For the size. Go, see, and let us know your opinion about her!

Little Mermaid in Copenhagen
Little Mermaid aka the city most famous attraction


The longest pedestrian street in Europe. Stores of all brands among cute little bars and street musicians. A mile and a half connecting the station area and the Tivoli garden to the old harbor.

Tip: Do not forget to go into the Lego Store! Denmark is the home of lego.

➡ Round tower

The round tower is the oldest astronomical observatory in Europe still working. You can imagine that the name “round” stands for the particular way of climbing to the top, not exactly conventional: the steps have in fact been replaced by an infinite ramp. From the top you can enjoy an amazing view of the city. Have fun recognizing the different attractions from above!

view Copenaghen from above
Copenhagen from above

➡ Tivoli Gardens

The Tivoli Gardens are the oldest luna park in Europe and nothing less than one of the 6 most important in the world. You will feel like you are on Pleasure Island! Stands with all the imaginable candies and similar, cocktails, exotic restaurants, even a stage for shows.

Tivoli Garden in Copenhagen

 The houses of the Nyboder district that will carry you into the movie “The Danish Girl.”

These houses dedicated to hosting marina staff will steal your heart with their ocher color and red roofs. Unfortunately, the original version of the sixteenth century is almost impossible to trace because, over the centuries, a floor was added to deal with the problem of overpopulation.

Nyboder in Copenaghen
In Nyboder district there are the houses dedicated to hosting marina staff


Here, the community has proclaimed the independence  and now it lives with their rules and a lot of cannabis.

Tip: You can take all the pics you want where you want, except for Pusher streets.

However, while doing some researches, we read about a guy who was beaten because he had his camera on his neck. Worthy or not, in doubt, do not pull cameras out, use the telephone. Never say never.


As a local

  • Do not miss Sunday brunch! The place we have chosen is also one of the most popular places among the young people in the city. Opened from 9am to 1pm, Mad & Kaffes gives you the option of a variety of mini-courses divided into: daily dish, bakery, vegetarian, meat/fish. Absolutely recommended. Guys, give it a try!

Brunch in Copenhagen

  • Do not take the public transportation. You can arrive  everywhere by walk!
  • Rent a bicycle. We read that every day in Copenhagen people travel a million miles on this two-wheeled vehicle. Do not be surprised to see men in their jacket and tie or women in heels going around by bike. If it is a poorly polluted and traffic-free city, it’s mostly thanks to these fearless people!
  • Copenhagen is not a particularly cheap city (euphemism, it is a very expensive one!) but it has a huge variety of accommodation types. In our opinion, the perfect accommodation for a one night stay is certainly something that is well connected but cheap. We choose a hostel, the Copenhagen backpackers hostel. It is about 70 meters from the central station. Here you can choose whether to be in a dormitory of 12 or 6 people. Bed sheets, pillowcases, and mattress covers will be given at reception. The staff (very friendly) will also let you leave the luggage in the luggage room even after check-out, paying a fee of 20 crowns. Highly recommended.


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Put your hands up if you want to visit this amazing city!

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