How do we travel so much?

The questions that probably many of you have (which are also the kind of questions that often we had reading many travel blogs) are: “How the f**k do they travel so often? Don’t they work ? how do they afford to do so?” Likely, self-responses have been: “Rich kids, earning no money, etc.”; a little bit biased, but licit.

Well, we wanted to unravel the arcane and maybe even motivate you play the game or ride the bike – or why not, both – since the journey involves first of all the desire to get out of your comfort zone, the desire to be out of your own walls, the awareness of communicating in a foreign language, the desire to discover, to understand, to love more, to live.

Unfortunately, we aren’t some rich kids, it would have been useful; in fact this would have meant to travel without thinking a sec. about money -and everything would have been simpler-with the awareness of thinking only to the next trip. Actually, thinking about money is something that we keep doing during our trips as well as the feeling of forgetting something to put in the suitcase.

how do we travel so much
Essential for our roadtrip through Russia and Baltic Republics

Yet we think that not having a lot of money is also what makes the departures most desirable. Don’t misunderstand us, let’s not say that thinking less about how much less we would spend would not please us, on the contrary! However, we are convinced that the anxiety of never spending more than budgeted makes us even more grateful to what we can arrange.

I, Zineb, I was a student of Foreign Languages and Literature until December 20, 2016, the date I graduated and ended the freedom of my university life. Yet I have never been a person who is standing with my hands: I’ve always worked, working a bit, tutoring here, part-time job there, babysitting … and everything I earned, I spent it in traveling.

Simone, after graduating in Engineering Management on April 27, 2016, he found a paid internship in a pharmaceutical multinational company- of which today he is a regular employee.

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Obviously, the salary (so we’re so habby about) has been subjected to a series of constraints (we’re a lot less happy about): a fixed working time has put a few limits on our travel planning. But unfortunately in life we must compromise; before we had time but no money, now that we have a little more money we do not have time.

travel logbook
Travel logbook

So, we are making do with breaking away as soon as we have time: we opted to take and leave, away from routines and commitments, once a month and spend the weekend in the sun of Portugal or among the fairytale streets of Bruges, in the gardens of Alcazar of Seville or Versailles and not to neglect our greatest passion, even if it’s becoming more difficult because the number of commitments is increasing.

The organization is always super accurate: we spend a lot of time on skyscanner for, in order to save money, we subscribed to the news letter of all low cost airlines, we scan daily offers and travel packages on many sites, we book in advance – in the first few days of the Ryanair or Easyjet discounts – we use almost exclusively Airbnb for accommodation – we two people who can be happy easily! We just have to go and to do this we do not need luxury hotels but only a place where to put our things and have a shower, we do not even need to sleep so much, we will sleep when we will be dead!

Furthermore, we are very lucky to live a few miles from Milan and consequently from its airports – which is not so uncommon to find flights at 15 or 20 euros round trip.

All of this to make you understand that it’s all about how you decide to spend what you have – time, money, life! – that you often pay more for a nice dress or a dinner at a restaurant than a flight. All this to let you know that doing business and being willing to do it do not need so much money to leave. All this to answer your doubts. All to say that we have found the right balance and we could not be happier. 

Travel memories
Patches, polaroid and postcard from all our trips

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  1. Yep! I kept on asking the same questions. My wife and I wanted to travel but the constraints of time and money are consuming us. It’s really complicated. It’s great the you found your balance already. Hoping we can find ours.

  2. I totally agree with your statement that ‘having lesser money makes your departures more desirable’-because when you have worked hard for something you tend to enjoy it more than already having easy access to it.Yes there is misconception in every society that travelling is only for the rich kids whereas that is not the case.

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