Easyjet baggage: everything you need to know

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Have you ever panicked because you weren’t sure of how much baggage you could carry on board on a flight? Maybe because, changing often airline, you did not remember the right amount and size?

Don’t worry, it happened to us a lot of times. That’s why we decided to write down the rules you’d need to follow clearly, for the major airline companies.

First, we’ll talk about the luggage of the most famous European low cost airlines, company with which you traveled at least once: Easyjet baggage.

Since 2016, the company has changed the policy regarding hand baggage, moving from two baggage of different sizes per person to ONE only without weight limits.

The holders of the Easyjet PLUS card, however, they have the possibility to bring an extra small baggage. The same privilege is reserved for those who will opt for the FLEXI fare through the booking process.


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The size of the carry-on baggage must not exceed:

56 cm x 45 cm x 25 cm, including handles and wheels.



ADDITIONAL BAGGAGE DIMENSIONS (Easyjet plus card, flexi fare)

luggage under the seat easyjet
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The additional baggage must be placed under the seat and it can not exceed:

45 cm x 36 cm x 20 cm




In addition to hand baggage, you can carry small accessories on board such as sticks, umbrellas, crutches and anything else bought on Duty free.

And this last option can become an interesting trick if you had something that does not fit in your suitcase but you can’t really leave it behind you. Buy something quite large at Duty free and hide your item in the bag! These bags are never checked. Obviously do not exaggerate, an object or two, no more! For example a t-shirt or a pair of extra socks, not the kettle or the grandmother’s embroidered blanket.


A hand baggage that exceeds the size mentioned above and therefore can not be inserted into the “gauge” of suitcases, it will be loaded at an additional cost of 60 €.

If, however, the baggage must be embarked for force majeure reasons (for example full compartments), this will be collected free of charge.

PS. As a precaution, place a plate with all your data, even on the hand baggage.


luggage easyjet
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 The size must not exceed: (length + width + height) = less than 275 cm.

Each person has the possibility to purchase up to 3 hold bags with different weight options depending on the budget available (the cost varies according to weight and route). These the options available:


  1. 15 kg baggage
  2. Standard 23 kg baggage.
  3. Baggage up to 32 kg more. (Max. Weight allowed)


Well, we hope to see you soon on a flight, ready to visit the world!
Let us know below what your next Easyjet flight will be and where it will take you!

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