2 pieces of news valid for the whole 2020, Easyjet hand luggage policy: click here. 

As we have already explained for other airlines, baggage size ALWAYS creates many PROBLEMS while booking a flight online.

In fact, all companies have different rules and these rules change constantly. What’s the solution? The ultimate guide to solve all problems with Easyjet.

Well, now you can forget about last-minute anxieties or worries while you are already traveling and fully enjoy your trip out of town or dreamy vacation

To avoid this nightmare, we have written a practical guide, without mincing words, that you can consult both before and during your trips (we really could have used that in the past…), divided by index and by topic, to be even clearer.

Table of contents (clickable):

easyjet hand luggage policy dimensions



What are the weight and dimensions of the EASYJET HAND LUGGAGE  POLICY?

Easyjet hand luggage size must not exceed: 56×45×25 cm, including handles and wheels. There are no weight limits, you just have to be able to lift the hand luggage and store it in the overhead bins.

easyjet hand luggage policy dimensions



How much does it cost if I don’t comply with Easyjet hand luggage policy? 

Hand luggage that exceeds the above mentioned dimensions and therefore cannot be inserted in the suitcase “meter” will be checked in at an additional cost of €60, at the boarding gate.

Instead if you get “caught” at the check-in counter, it’s €45. Costs and charges



EASYJET ADDITIONAL BAGGAGE (ONLY for Easyjet plus card, flexi tariff)

However, Easyjet PLUS card holders, or those who have purchased the flexi tariff, have the option of carrying an ADDITIONAL baggage.

Additional Easyjet baggage, such as a bag or backpack, must be placed under the seat and cannot exceed:

45cm x 36cm x 20cm



ACCESSORIES: 1 simple but effective trick

In addition to hand luggage, you can bring for free small accessories such as sticks, umbrellas, crutches and anything bought at the Duty free.

“So what?”, you’re probably wondering.

This last option could become an interesting trick

Like what?

Simple, do you have something in your suitcase that just doesn’t want to fit? Something that you really want to bring with you without spending tons of money on taxes?

Here is the solution:

Buy something quite massive at the Duty free and hide your item in the bag as well! These bags never get checked.

Obviously do not overdo it, an object or two, not more! Maybe a shirt or a pair of socks, but not grandma’s embroidered blanket or a kettle!

easyjet flight



EASYJET HOLD BAGGAGE: 3 rules to not make mistakes 

easyjet hold baggage icon

If you want to add in addition to the Easyjet hand luggage also the hold baggage, the measurements must not exceed 275 cm (adding length, width and height).

Each person has the opportunity to purchase up to 3 hold baggage with different weight options depending on the budget available (the cost changes according to weight and route).

These are the options available:

  • 15 kg baggage;
  • 23 kg Standard luggage;
  • Baggage up to 32 kg. (Max. allowed weight)



EASYJET HAND BAGGAGE: rules for children

The British company differentiates the hand luggage allowance for children according to their age:

  • Children under the age of 2 years (without seat): they can carry a small bag with a maximum size of 45×36×20 cm
  • Children over 2 years of age (with seat): the same rules apply as for adults, so they have 1 standard size hand luggage

In addition, for every child under the age of five it’s allowed the carrying of a stroller + one of the following items:

  • Booster seat
  • Baby cot
  • Travel cot

travel with children



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