We think you all agree with us when we say:

March is a very difficult month to deal with because the new year routine has already started and there are no holidays to save us (at least in Italy, if not, tell us how you put up with it).

Well, we are here to help you to stand the routine and live some beautiful moments.


Pack your bags and go to the airport, we are going to Athens with the first flight available! 

And if you’re asking why, here you can find at least 7 amazing reasons why you should visit Athens in spring.

1) The most wonderful temperature you can find in Europe

The sun in March, in Athens, is delicate. It’s a sun full of vitamin D and melanin that can get you a light tan again.

It is the sun that encourage you to eat fruit-flavored ice creams, to make a jump into the sea, to sit on a bench in Manostiraki, to wear light clothing, to be happy!

It’s a healthy sun and for sure one of the most important reasons to visit Athens in this month.

2) Let’s visit the most authentic Athens ever

In March, Athens it is owned by Greeks.

You might be wondering:

“why you should say that?”

Simply because this city is always full of tourists in summer. However in March, Athens is owned back by old greek ladies who buy fresh vegetables at the market.

Athens ceases to be owned by guides and it’s back to the young people who meet in Syntagma Square.

It stops talking in English to be understood by everyone and it returns to express himself in its incomprehensible Greek.

As a result, it goes back to be genuine.

Hadrian's library in Athens

And there aren’t places more beautiful than the ones free of tourists and authentic.

3) If you visit Athens in March, you can save money too

Try to compare flights prices for Greece in February/March with those in July / August.

Really guys, try it. We wait…


The difference is impressive isn’t it?

So, in order not to give up the pleasure to visit Athens, one of the most intriguing city in world history (ancient Athens is pure perfection) without spending all your salary (if you have a huge salary you’re so lucky then!), we suggest to take a flight in March.

Take advantage of a break from work and/or study and leave, you will not regret it!

4) The best orange juices in the world

We’ve never tried a fresh orange juice that is as good as the ones we’ve tried in Athens.
Here, you can drink the true absence of citrus in small kiosks, at low prices.

Try it to see if we’re lying.

5)The magic of sea in winter

We haven’t convinced you yet?

Then, give a try to the sea in this period.

We agree with you, the sea in Athens is not one of the best.

But here’s the kicker:

when we were in Athens, we have been able to reach Glifada beach by bus on a Sunday afternoon. In an hour by bus, we arrived from the city centre to the beach and we stayed there till dinner.

Doing what, are you asking? Listening to the sound of the waves against the rocks and talking about everything.

If we had to associate an image to happiness, probably it would be this: two bodies on a deserted beach on Sunday in March.

6) The open-air breakfast over the ruins, aka breakfast in wonderland

This is one of the best things to do in Athens: breakfast with view!
In how many cities you can have breakfast looking at some of the oldest ruins in the world? Taking off the count Roma, maybe Istanbul, maybe something in Atztec’s America … but then?

Want to know the best part?

We are going to take you there with some simple indications.

Giving your back to Hadrian’s library and taking the perpendicular street right there, you‘ll find yourself in a picturesque little street where there is on your left the Attalo‘s ruins and on your right some bars.

Guys, we are already there.

This is exactly the place we want to tell you about, the panorama, the atmosphere and the wellness that you feel when you fall into the trap of dozens of waiters with the task of convincing you with a great menu and a gentle voice.

What’s the bottom line?
We don’t want you to be fooled.

Starting from the assumption that it pretends to be an original Greek breakfast but obviously it is not, and yet certainly we can’t underrate this sensational meal: scrambled eggs with tomato sauce, Greek cheese, Greek olives and orange juice. Mmm, so tasty.

The plus, anyway, it’s this: this wonderful view of the ruins while eating on the notes of typical Greek music played by great street musicians.

We have not found a better way to start the day yet!

7) Summer air, smell of parties and much more…

This is one of the things we loved the most about Athens: the sun, the warm, the people who despite the problems are happy, the musicians, the summer that comes earlier in this city and country.

When you are not used to having dinner outside because it’s too cold, having fun at late night because it’s not august, the possibility to wear light clothes is invigorating.

sun march athens

In the end, you shouldn’t visit Athens in March or you shouldn’t?

So, have we convinced you?

If so, you will be finding yourself reading this last pharases sitting in Syntagma square drinking a cocktail or having breakfast starring at the ancient Greece.
If not, we are so sorry but you don’t know what are you missing!!! Come on, a low cost flight is waiting for you.